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Google Removed 25 Apps From Play Store: Hello Readers! This is sainithin. Today’s tech news is about google play store. 25 Android apps were removed from playstore and also banned by google. Because all these apps are stealing the login details of facebook users. Recently cybersecurity firm Evina alerted the google so that these apps were removed by google. All these apps had above 2M downloads. And most of them are wallpaper apps and flashlight apps only. Here is the list of all the 25 apps.

List Of 25 Apps Removed By Google

  1. Super Wallpapers Flashlight 
  1. Pedenatef
  1. Wallpaper Level
  1. Contour Level Wallpaper 
  1. Iplayer & iwallpaper 
  1. Video Maker
  1. Color Wallpapers 
  1. Pedometer 
  1. Powerful Flashlight 
  1. Super Bright Flashlight 
  1. Super Flashlight 
  1. Solitaire Game
  1. Accurate Scanning  Of QR Code
  1. Classic Card Game
  1. Junk File Cleaning 
  1. Synthetic Z 
  1. File Manager 
  1. Composite Z
  1. Screenshot Capture
  1. Daily Horoscope Wallpapers 
  1. Wuxia Reader 
  1. Plus Weather 
  1. Anime Live Wallpaper 
  1. Ihealth Step Counter
  1. Com.tyapp.fiction
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