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Best top 3 android games in 2020

Best Top 3 Android Games In 2020 | Sai Nithin

Best Top 3 Android Games In 2020: Hello readers this is Sai nithin! Today’s blog is regarding to best top3 android games in 2020. 

In playstore million of games are there but very few games we may know and other remaining games may not know to all the people. 

We are here to find the top 3 Android Games for you.

Paragon Infinity Wave

Paragon Infinity wave is an action game. And this game is showed in dark world type. 

This game has  5,000+downloads. The version of this game is 1.0. This game is offered by Nuker. 

Basically it is a Shooting game. This game is available in play store. 

Download size: 885MB

Download Link: Paragon Infinity Wave

Stellaris Galaxy Command 

Stellaris Galaxy command game is different from the other games. This game is played in space. 

Excellent 3D graphics and beautiful galaxies is made in this game.

It has 1,00,000+downloads and rated 3.8 on play store. 

The version of game is o.1.o. It is available in play store.

Download size: 445MB

Play store: Stellaris Galaxy Command

Exos Heroes

Exos Heroes is an Adventures game. This game has 10,00,000 + downloads and rated 4.3 on play store. 

The game control of this game is 4.3 and it has beautiful graphics 4.6. 

You may not Experience the adventures game like this  in your lifetime. It is available in play store.

Download size: 55MB

Play store: Exos Heroes

I hope that this top 3 android games will be useful for you.

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