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India’s First Social Media App Elyments Full Review

India’s First Social Media App Elyments Full Review: Hello Readers! This is sai nithin. Today’s blog post is regarding to elyments app full review. 

Recently our indian vice president Venkaiah Naidu was launched this Elyments app. 

It is the social media app which is similar to whatsapp, facebook, instagram. 

But it is full developed in india only and built by over 1000+ IT professionals. 

Here is the review of this elyments app.

What Is Elyments App? 

Elyments app is the social media app which having all features of whatsapp, facebook, instagram.

In this app you can chat with your friends, share your opinions and click beautiful selfies and photos.

You can make audio and video calls with your friends and loving family without any noise.

And you can meet new like-minded people has never been easier. It also supports AR feature.

There are lot of channels of all categories such as entrainment, news, sports..etc.

It also allows shopping in your local and also had social feed. And available in 10+ indian languages.

Now it is available in play store and in app store also.

This app had 1M+ downloads and rated 4.6 on play store.

Download link: Elyments App

Why We Should Use Elyments App? 

Recently the indian people are not showing interest on foreign products and apps.

And also the indian government banned 59 china apps in india because of security and privacy reasons.

At this time the people are searching for other apps which are made in india only.

This is the first social media app which is made in india.

It had similar features of whatsapp, facebook, instagram and many more.

If we use this app our country will be profited and many people will get jobs. 


In this app there are lot of bugs and the loading is bit slow sometimes.

It crashed a couple of times while watching videos. There is no option for group video calls.

The users facing login issues more and not able to change the username and phone number.


First of all very happy to launch the india’s first social media app.

The interface of this app very good and beautiful.

But many bugs and issues are there. The company need to fix all this bugs and issues as soon as possible. 

My opinion is to wait for some time until the bugs and issues are fixed.

I hope you all like this elements app review 

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