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Whatsapp animated stickers

How To Send Whatsapp Animated Stickers In Chat

How To Send Whatsapp Animated Stickers In Chat: Hello Readers! This is sai nithin. Today’s blog post is regarding to whatsapp new feature.

Whatsapp is one of the leading social media platform. Mostly all the people will use this for chatting and video call purposes.

It has more than 5 Billion users in all over the world. And rated 4.3 in play store.

Recently whatsapp released new features, in that this animated stickers is one of the feature.

This animated stickers is now available for all android and iphone users.

The names of this new animated sticker packs are Rico’s Sweet Life, Playful Piyomaru, Bright Days, Moody Foodies, and Chummy Chum Chums.

There is a play button beside the packs for identifying the animated stickers from the regular ones.

Follow the below steps to use this animated stickers in the chat.


  1. First of all update the whatsapp of new version by below link.


  1. Then open any one of the chat and click on emoji option at left side of the bottom bar.
  1. Select the stickers and click on + option at right side of the sticker section.
Whatsapp animated stickers
  1. Then you will find new sticker packs are added in  All Stickers section.
  1. Select the desired animated sticker pack and download it.
  1. So that the stickers will be added to sticker section.
  1. That’s all now you can send this animated stickers to anyone you like.

This is how to send the animated stickers in whatsapp. Now whatsapp released only few stickers.

I hope you like this whatsapp animated stickers.

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